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About those who like cycling and dancing...

Experience the world in the saddle - with music and dance

Udo and I (Andreas) have been doing regular bike tours together for over 10 years - mostly about 1 week somewhere in Europe where it is warm. And we both love to dance - and have often combined cycling and dancing.

This year (2023) Udo's working life is over and he has decided to cycle to Africa at least once - and he has convinced me to join this goal (even if I have not yet reached retirement age. ..).

That's how it starts for us on my 61st birthday, from Heidelberg towards Casablanca (Morocco). We want to take the route through Switzerland, along the Mediterranean coasts of France and Spain all the way to Gibraltar and then cross over for a short journey into Africa!

Lueneburg _2022-07-27_15.27.37.jpg

My motivation for the tour (Udo)

After the previous cycling highlights (2018 Mont Ventoux   with Andreas, 2020 MTB Alpine crossing with Jo and Otto), this time   should be a long-distance tour of more than 6 weeks. The destination should be outside of Europe; We hadn't been to Spain for cycling yet, so we found a melodious destination in Casablanca in Morocco.

My last similarly long bike tour (5 weeks) was actually our Abi bike tour in 1977 to Scotland and England. Peter was there at the time, and we want to visit him at his home near Montpellier on our tour.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to cycle to work my entire professional life.   And after my knee surgery in 2017, the bike became my only piece of sports and fitness equipment. In addition to the road bike tours with Andreas, there were also MTB tours. But it had never occurred to me to invest an entire annual holiday in a bike ride. When I then decided to retire a little earlier, it was clear that the first thing to do was this bike tour. And luckily I was able to convince Andreas to join the tour. And so we can do our 14th tour together this year. I'm really happy.

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